Data Storage

When it comes to storing data, there are a few key questions you should be asking. What would happen if you lost your data? How quickly would you need it to be restored? How secure does your data need to be?

Whatever your company size or sector, a key component of your business continuity is the capability to back up and store your critical data to a secure offsite location.

Our Backup and Remote Data Storage Services are the answer.

Resman Director, Neil Willcox says: ‘Our bespoke systems will allow you to retrieve your data from any Internet-connected device should your organisation experience a business interruption, catastrophic failure or the inability to access your place of business.

Our secure, remote storage systems securely encrypt your data before it leaves your premises, and backs it up automatically to our secure datacenters. If necessary, restoring files securely over the Internet takes just a few mouse clicks. We are here to help you to understand and manage your data storage needs.’

Small businesses should never underestimate the need for good data storage to safely backup vital information and to distribute data quickly when required. Viruses can easily wipe out data and it’s imperative that back-up solutions are in place in order to quickly retrieve wiped files. Fires or floods can also lead to data loss, which is why disaster recovery solutions can help a business to access their information as quickly as possible. Let us help you put in place a sound back-up strategy, then you’ll have peace of mind whether you’re storing data on external hard-drives or using some form of cloud storage system.

There are a whole range of date storage solutions and we specialise in managing the right package for your business needs.