“I have found a strong personal relationship with Neil brings substantial benefit to the company, with many discussions to brainstorm options, with no mention of a cost for the “free” advice. Resman understand our business in detail and staff have a high level of trust in them, which is essential when we are dealing with the demands of our own clients. As a 24/7/365 call centre, with many high profile national clients, rapid response at all times is a major ingredient of our demands and well met by Resman.

Before Resman, we had in house IT support, but the move to outsource gave increased flexibility, higher technical levels, and the resources to allow the business to develop our IT infrastructure in a way I do not believe would have been possible without the change”

Brian King FIDM FIoD – Managing Director



“I approached Neil at the beginning of 2014 and asked him to quote in the respect of the provision of some further IT hardware and ongoing maintenance support. Having used the same company for a number of years I was not convinced we were getting a good deal.

Neil arranged to visit our premises the following week and look at the provisions that we had. Whilst at our premises we also asked him if there was an alternative to the file server, which we had been using for a number of years. My concern with regard to this was whether we would have to replace it, if and when it came to the end of its useful life. No advice was received from our previous supplier with regard to this!

Following a further visit from one of Neil’s staff, a suitable alternative to the server was suggested and a quote for the company’s services was obtained. Effectively for a fairly similar cost our systems have been updated, we no longer need to worry about replacing the file server and our maintenance costs going forward in future years will be halved. There will also be a saving on our electricity costs. Order was placed by mid March and the work was carried out as agreed by the beginning of April.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil or his company to any of my clients and hope to do so in the near future”.

Mark Cohen – Director



“Ian Boyle via Resman has provided technical support to ChemReach R.C. Ltd. for at least three years. Finding dedicated IT-support suited to a Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) company can be frequently difficult.

Especially, so when talking about expert-consultancies that rely on their network-infrastructure to run in silico computer modelling.

However, Ian is very approachable and knowledgeable and works with you (the client) to get what you want. Our company has placed trust in Ian and he has never let us down. No matter how simple or tedious the task. We have also found he’s worked well with other IT-consultants from other companies to get things done.

ChemReach would certainly recommend Ian Boyle and Resman to SME companies in the scientific service-sector throughout the north-west region of the UK. To deliver what you want.”


Mark Reid – Technical Director



“Having tried the services of another IT support company, I soon came to realise that despite paying a monthly fee, NOTHING was included in that price and anything you did need was TWICE the price that you would pay if ordering it yourself. I thought that this was the norm for the industry until I discovered Resman.

The monthly fee you pay is much lower than any IT support company I have encountered and, most importantly, they are very pro-active in providing the best and most cost effective solution for your company.

In short they deliver where others don’t ! “


Richard Moore – Owner



Resman constantly deliver service above and beyond their own, very high, expected levels. Their plain speaking, calm and assured approach is refreshing and comforting when you are beset with IT issues.

I would highly recommend Neil and the team to any company or anyone”

Tony Boggild – Director



I am a small time customer for Resman, but I feel that my trivial requests receive the same timely attention and service as anyone – and the sexy male voice is nice too! Thank you for your ongoing help.

Rose Campion



Resman’s services have been invaluable to me averting virus issues which could have had serious and costly consequences. They were also really quick and efficient when it came to extracting valuable data that I thought I’d lost forever.  I highly recommend them…”


  Ted Jackman DipPFS – Independent Financial Adviser



Gleamz Cleaning have been really delighted with the quick attention and excellent personal service we always get from Neil and his team at Resman. We would happily and highly recommend them to everyone.

Jane Leffman – Owner